London is a Forest

Chelsea Physic Garden - Lecture Room


Join Paul Wood and find out about the plants, animals and people who inhabit our ‘urban forest’, and the fact and fiction that colour our experience of it.

In London, we live alongside 8.3 million trees, as well as millions of other plants, insects and animals, all within a space of just 600 square miles. After discovering that London matches the United Nations definition of a forest, Paul Wood was inspired to explore it from a fresh perspective, sharing what he found in his book London is a Forest.

Wood’s ‘forest trails’ reveal the variety of London’s landscape, from surprising tree species to parakeets and urban foxes. He also explores our relationship with London’s forest.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear Wood share his fascinating findings - illustrated with history, legend and anecdotes - and 'see the city in a new light' (Londonist).

This event is followed by a book signing with the author.

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