Remembering Arnhem: 75 years since Operation Market Garden

National Army Museum - Atrium


Join historians Antony Beevor and Rick Stroud, Army veteran Victor Gregg and re-enactors for an enthralling evening of talks and performance to commemorate Arnhem, the ‘battle for the bridges’.

To mark the 75th anniversary of Operation Market Garden, travel back in time to Arnhem.

This special evening opens with an immersive experience where you will see paratroopers and airlanding troops played by living historians, as well as the vehicles and medical and signalling equipment of the time.

Then, veteran Victor Gregg will bring stories of his service at Arnhem alive, as he chats with bestselling historian Rick Stroud.

The second talk of the evening, by Antony Beevor, will throw light on this iconic battle and the terrible reality of the fighting based on his bestselling book, Arnhem: Battle for the Bridges, 1944.

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