The Crusades with Dan Jones

Royal Hospital Chelsea - Great Hall


The award-winning author of The Templars, Dan Jones, talks about his new major history of the notorious Crusades, from their roots to the ripples they still make today.

Join award-winning author, broadcaster and journalist Dan Jones as he discusses the Crusades – a series of medieval religious wars lasting 300 years.

For more than 1,000 years, Christians and Muslims have lived side by side, sometimes at peace and sometimes at war. When Christian armies seized Jerusalem in 1099, it sparked the most notorious period of conflict between the two religions.

Drawing on his riveting new book Crusaders, Dan Jones tells a tale soaked in Islamic, Christian and Jewish blood and peopled by extraordinary characters.

Tracing events from their roots in the 8th century, Jones explores the impact of the Crusades on the relationship between the Muslim world and the West, and looks at how they continue to shape the modern world.

This event is followed by a book signing with the author.

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